The World’s Quickest NBA Playoff Preview: Conference Semifinals

The first round is over (almost), and there has been at least one big surprise — at least depending on your fandom.

While NO ONE expected the Miami Heat to advance to the second round, let alone in a gentleman’s sweep of the top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks, not many people had my beloved New York Knicks in the seined round as well.

Now those two teams will square off in Round 2, reigniting an old, bitter playoff rivalry from the 90s and early 2000s. And I can’t friggin wait.

While the Warriors-Kings series will be in a Game 7 tonight, let’s just see how the rest of the Round 2 playoff series will shape out.

Eastern Conference

#5 Knicks vs. #8 Heat: Knicks in 6

#2 Celtics vs. #3 76ers: Celtics in 6

Western Conference

#1 Nuggets vs. #4 Suns: Suns in 6

Kings-Warriors winner vs. #7 Lakers: if Kings win, Lakers in 6; if Warriors win, Warriors in 7

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