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  • Kawhi (and Paul George) to the Clippers: DAMN

    Damn. In a matter of fact, GOD-damn. What a helluva sports story to wake up to on a Saturday morning. Kawhi Leonard signing with the Los Angeles CLIPPERS was surprising enough. Everyone and their mama thought that it was either… Read More ›

  • My Knicks Are Idiots

    Yes, I’ve inserted myself into the title of my rant. Please bear with me as a cry as I type. I was born in Brooklyn in 1973, the last time my New York Knicks won the NBA title. My mother… Read More ›

  • Nothing Wrong with Being Called “Owner”

    Let me start by saying this: I absolutely CRINGE when someone equates ANYTHING with the horror that was slavery in the United States. Having your family being sold separately and not being able to see them again. Being branded like… Read More ›

  • Anthony Davis Trade a Win-Win

    I know what a lot of y’all are thinking. Did your ass see how much the Los Angeles Lakers gave up to acquire Anthony Davis? Yes, I know gave up Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and THREE 1st round… Read More ›

  • Happy Father’s Day

    We, from The Klown Times want to wish you all a happy Father’s Day. Make sure he get’s the big piece of chicken, an ugly tie from the kids, and some good ‘ol fashioned GOOD LOVIN’…

  • No Asterisks for Raptors’ Finals Win

    This world is full of haters. Too many people look to denigrate accomplishments of others when it doesn’t suit them in some way. They pick nits. They also play the dreaded “what-if” game. Hell, some people willingly mire themselves in… Read More ›