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  • Final Game of Thrones Power Rankings

    Man, what a dud the series finale turned out to be. Hell, the entire final season sucked. The Game of Thrones writers ought to be embarrassed. In fact, I have questions: What is the point of having a Night’s Watch… Read More ›

  • All Is Not Lost for the Knicks

    I’m not gonna lie to ya, I was mad/sad that my New York Knicks will not be able to draft Zion Williamson. I cursed like a sailor last night. I sequestered myself in my master bedroom so my wife wouldn’t… Read More ›

  • 2019 NBA Playoff Preview: Conference Championship

    THIS, right here, is the round I have been waiting on. I mean, with all due respect to the conference semis, I just wanted to see the NBA’s final four. I’m sure most of y’all agree with me. So let’s… Read More ›

  • Game of Thrones Post Episode 8:5 Power Rankings

    I’m mad. Very mad. I’m mad that the person I was pulling for to take the Iron Throne from Cercei Lannister in seasons’ past (Daenerys Targaryen) has turned into the monster the former was. I’m mad that lots of innocent… Read More ›

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    We at “The Klown Times” want to wish the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day! So make sure y’all do what you can to make the moms in your life feel special. Clean the bathrooms. Cook breakfast. Take her… Read More ›

  • Ty Lue Bungling Shows How Dysfunctional the Lakers Are

    Just when I thought the Los Angeles Lakers organization could look any worse, it never stops short of setting new lows. They couldn’t even get their head coaching search right! Tyronn Lue was all but set to become the Lakers’… Read More ›