A Very Quick – and Very LATE – NBA Conference Finals Preview

Yeah, I know I’m late as hell with this preview. Shoot, I’ve been late with a lot of stuff (NFL Draft thoughts, Victor Wembanyama, ACC’s “Magnificent Seven”).

I’ve just been busy — check that, TOO damn busy — with my day job and other stuff. That’s going to change going forward, at least I’m promising myself that.

So given the NBA’s conference finals started last night with the Denver Nuggets beating the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1, I gotta make this preview quick.

So without further ado…

Eastern Conference Finals

#2 Boston Celtics vs. #8 Miami Heat

Against my further judgment, I’m going against “Playoff Jimmy”, Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley. Being a New York Knicks fan, I should know better — but what the hell…

Celtics in 6

Western Conference Finals

#1 Denver Nuggets vs. #7 Los Angeles Lakers

Despite what took place last night in Game 1, I still like the Lakers. LeBron ain’t gonna stand for it…

Lakers in 6

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