Congrats to Lamar: Get That Money!!!

Ever since the end of the 2022 NFL regular season, I’ve been saying that the Baltimore Ravens needed to give Lamar Jackson his money.

He’s more than earned it, leading his team to the playoffs three times including winning a playoff game at Tennessee. He won the MVP unanimously. Hell, he was a big reason why the Ravens started to matter again.

I also have been saying that Lamar needed to stop fucking around and hire himself an agent. Had he obtained the services of an NFL-certified agent, not only would his deal been greater, he would’ve had it long ago.

But despite all of that, here we are: $260 million dollars over five years, with $185 million guaranteed. Good for Lamar, and unfortunately good for the Ravens (I’m a Steelers fan, remember?).

I have no doubt that he will earn that contract and then some. I’m sure Ravens fans everywhere are celebrating.

And so is Lamar and his momma…

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