2018 NFL Week 11 Preview

img_7982-26Game of the Week

Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Rams

Offense.  Lots of offense.

This is the ideal matchup for the millenials who hate watching hard fought defensive 13-10 games.  Hell, commissioner Roger Goodevil and his minions made sure to make defense optional with those soft-ass rules.

At any rate, this game will come down to the defenses.  The Rams defense is better than the Chiefs, though we can’t exactly tell because it hasn’t played up to its potential the last few weeks.  I expect the Rams’ D to make one big play that will give them the edge over the Chiefs.

One thing I will side with Goodevil on: good for him and his minions for not being wooed by the money by moving the game out of Mexico City due to the shitty field conditions.

Need I say more?

Rams 30, Chiefs 26.

Thursday’s Game

Seahawks over Packers

Duds of the Week

Giants over Buccaneers
Cardinals over Raiders (do I REALLY need to spell this shit out?)

Sunday’s Games

Steelers over Jaguars
Bengals over Ravens
Falcons over Cowboys
Panthers over Lions
Texans over Washington
Titans over Colts
Chargers over Broncos
Saints over Eagles
Bears over Vikings

Record last week: 8-6 (victim of the upsets.…)
Year-to-date: 98–48-2 (onward, yo!)

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