2018 Week 10 NFL Preview

img_7982-26Editors Note: This preview is EXTREMELY late, please forgive me — dammit…

Game of the Week

Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

So much for this game living up to the hype, which in the end was fine with me (#HereWeGo).

“Who Gives a Rat’s Ass” Game of the Week

Jets over Bills.  Does anyone give a goddamn about this game?  Seriously.  I don’t think fans of either team would want to see this crap on TV…

“This Ass-Whupping Is Gonna Be Real” Game of the Week

Chiefs over Cardinals.  Does anyone expect Arizona to keep Kansas City under 40?

Sunday’s Games

Falcons over Browns
Jaguars over Colts
Bears over Lions
Patriots over Titans
Washington over Buccaneers
Saints over Bengals (this should have been my “Game of the Week”; ya live and ya learn…)
Chargers over Raiders
Packers over Dolphins
Rams over Seahawks
Eagles over Cowboys

Monday’s Game

49ers over Giants (I was gonna pick this for my “who gives a shit game of the week”, but at least people are interested in watching Eli and OBJ melt down on national television…)

Record last week: 9-4 (not bad.…)
Year-to-date: 90–42-2 (onward, yo!)


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