Jimmy Butler Trade GREAT for 76ers

254px-NBA_Logo.svg_Color me speechless.

Color me surprised.

Color me excited for the NBA.

No one — I mean NO ONE — saw this trade coming.  The Minnesota Timberwolves moving Jimmy Butler to the Philadephia 76ers?!  Butler with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons?!  WHAAAAA???

I mean, the Sixers had to give up Dario Saric, Robert Covington and a draft pick, but that was to be expected.  Minnesota HAD to get a great defensive stopper in Covington and a tough 3-pt shooter in Saric in return.  And that was fine with the Sixers.

What Philly has now is one of the better two-way players in the league.  Butler gives Philly some offense to take the pressure off of Embiid and Simmons.  He also will immediately be the Sixers’ best defender.  And most importantly, Butler gives Philly some toughness and grit that will come in VERY handy in the playoffs.

On paper, this trade has made the Sixers the second-best team in the Eastern Conference.  It’s going to be fun watching Butler and the crew go up against Kawhi’s Toronto Raptors, the deep Boston Celtics, and the high flying Milwaukee Bucks.

Speaking of the East, Butler’s arrival has also made the conference a lot more interesting to follow.  At least now I have a reason to give a damn about the East (my Knicks are going to suck again this year, so there’s that).  And hey, at least the representative from the East will have a chance against the Golden State Warriors.

NBA action: it’s FAN-tastic…

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