2018 Week 9 NFL Preview

Game of the Week

Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints

Nothing says must-see TV like watching the two best teams in the NFC go at it. Both also have high-powered offenses to boot.

While both teams are great as well as head and shoulders the best in the NFC, I’ll give the Saints the edge — only because they’ll be at home. And the Superdome will be rocking… Saints 30, Rams 28.

Another Game of Interest

Green Bay Packers at New England Patriots

Of course, there are some who want you to believe that a game with the two best QBs of this generation is more interesting. I’m too old school to pay more attention to a contest with two pretty boys.

Oh, since I have to pick a winner, I’ve got Green Bay. I don’t see the Pats’ D having a chance against A-a-ron Rodgers, even with Tom-ass Brady on their side… Packers 27, Patriots 23.

Ass-Whooping of the Week

Chiefs over Browns. A crappy team like the Browns dealing with MORE chaos. Not the right time to be facing the AFC’s best Chiefs. Look for KC to hang 30 on those Brownies by halftime…

Thursday’s Game

49ers over Raiders. What a crappy one-sided game that was…

Sunday’s Games

Steelers over Ravens (revenge game, baby!)
Bears over Bills
Panthers over Buccaneers
Dolphins over Jets
Vikings over Lions
Washington over Falcons
Texans over Broncos
Seahawks over Chargers (an old-school AFC West matchup)

Monday’s Game

Cowboys over Titans (is there anyone out there who actually gives a damn about this game?)

Record last week: 12-2 (1nce again: Hell. F$%@in. Yes.…)
Year-to-date: 81–38-2 (hell to the yeah, boy…)

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