2018 NFL Week 8 Preview

img_7982-26Game of the Week

New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings

The Saints return to the scene of the crime that was last year’s divisional round heart-breaker.  What a jacked up way to lose.  Gotta think that New Orleans had nightmares of that moment?

This is the ultimate revenge game for the Saints.  They are better than last year.  They are hungrier than last year, and most importantly, they are better than Minnesota.

This will be a great game, and the Vikings will put on a show themselves, but the Saints will right the wrong of the 2018 Divisional Playoff game…  Saints 27, Vikings 24.

Thursday’s Game

Texans over Dolphins

Sunday’s Games

Steelers over Browns
Eagles over Jaguars
Chiefs over Broncos
Bengals over Buccaneers
Bears over Jets
Panthers over Ravens
Washington over Giants
Lions over Seahawks
Colts over Raiders (Gruden gonna trade anyone else?)
49ers over Cardinals
Rams over Packers

Monday’s Game

Patriots over Bills (this should be an ass-whupping of epic proportions)

Record last week: 12-2 (Hell. F$%@in. Yes.…)
Year-to-date: 6936-2 (yeah, boy…)

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