Eric Reid Was Disappointing

I am happy that Eric Reid is back in the NFL.

I think the Carolina Panthers is better for Reid’s presence in the secondary, and it showed in spades yesterday. I have a theory on why he was denied that interception late in the fourth quarter vs. the Eagles, but that’s neither here nor there.

Having said that, I am disappointed in what Reid did before the game. Not just disappointed, but worried for his job going forward.

During the coin toss, Reid made his way onto the field to confront Malcom Jenkins. The problem was, Reid is not a team captain. They had to be separated but Reid was the clear aggressor.

Look, I get that Reid thinks that Jenkins and the Players Coalition shut out Colin Kaepernick and others. I get to a degree as to why he would call Jenkins a sellout.

But one thing I cannot stand is to see brothers fighting, perpetuating a age-long stereotype that we black men are unable to have sensible conversations in public or behind closed doors. You know those naysayers who have been discrediting the protest are no saying, “see what I mean, those n-words are nothing but violent good-for-nothings!”

As I said earlier, even though Reid did play well, I am worried about his job.

Look, seeing two people on the same side of an issue while not being in lockstep is nothing new. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcom X didn’t like each other despite both wanting equal rights for black people. Iron Man and Captain America had a falling out (ok, I know that’s not real life, but you get my point).

The point is Reid and Jenkins are, and have always been, on the same side. They just chose to go about it differently, and that’s ok.

It’s just disappointing to see Reid conduct himself they way he did.

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