2018 NFL Week 3 Preview

img_7982-26Game of the Week

Not many must-see matchups this week.  Better luck next time…

Ass Whupping of the Week

Vikings over Bills.  A top-5 defense.  A rookie QB making his start on the road.  What could POSSIBLY go wrong???

Thursday’s Game

Browns over Jets.  That’s right, I’m picking the Browns to win a freaking game.

Sunday’s Games

Chiefs over 49ers
Panthers over Bengals
Broncos over Ravens
Eagles over Colts
Texans over Giants
Packers over Redskins
Dolphins over Raiders
Falcons over Saints
Jaguars over Titans
Rams over Chargers (the “Battle of L.A.”)
Bears over Cardinals
Cowboys over Seahawks
Patriots over Lions

Monday’s Game

Steelers over Buccaneers (can “Team Turmoil” get it done?)

Last week’s record: 10-5-1 (ANOTHER tie? What the hell is going on out here?!!!)
Season to date: 21-9-2 (I’m tripping off of the fact that there are TWO ties…)


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