Supreme Court Ruling on Gambling Prosperous for Pro Sports

(Editor’s note: this is an old-ass post I’ve long forgotten about. Oh well…)

This is a day I thought would NEVER happen.  EVER.

When I saw that the Supreme Court ruled that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) was unconstitutional, I immediately assumed that the sports leagues would be panicking like crazy.  After reading more about it, I think those leagues should be embracing the hell out of that ruling.

We can talk all about how transparency would eliminate most of the illegal activity such as point-shaving and the like. But let’s be honest about something here: it’s ALL about the money.

Increased legalized sports betting would draw more interest to the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball. That would lead to higher TV ratings, which in turn would lead to more money in the form of increased advertising. Don’t think for a minute those leagues would not want a piece of the action. This gambling ruling could prove to be lucrative to those leagues.

Look, it has been trending in this direction the last five or so years. There’s a hockey team there (Vegas Golden Knights) and now the NFL is on its way there in a couple more seasons (say it with me: the Las Vegas Raiders). Someone upstairs must have known something the rest of us didn’t know.

I’ll say this: if more states get on board with legalized sports betting, those wise guys in Las Vegas are gonna be hella pissed…

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