Vegas, Capitals Make Stanley Cup Finals Must-See

People who’ve been following this blog know that it’s extremely rare to see a hockey rant in these parts.

It’s not that I dislike hockey. I’ve attended plenty of games in person and I think it’s the best spectator sport in the world. Living in Raleigh and Washington DC made me a fan of the Carolina Hurricanes and Washington Capitals (more on the latter in a moment).

It’s just that as a whole, it doesn’t move me. Maybe it’s the black American in me? Who knows?

What I do know is the recent turn of events in the Stanley Cup Playoffs has a brotha VERY intrigued for the finals.

Vegas vs. Washington. The “little engine that could” expansion team vs. the perennial playoff choke artists. Two major markets from opposite coasts.

You can’t tell me these finals aren’t filled with storylines.

Here are some from Washington. Will Alex Ovechkin win his first league championship? Will the Capitals win it’s first Stanley Cup in forever?

Now, here are some from Vegas. Will the Golden Knights be the first expansion franchise to win a title in its inaugural season in ANY major professional sport (the 1967 St. Louis Blues came close)?

(And no, I do not count the 1998 Chicago Fire, as no one gave a rat’s ass about the MLS at the time.)

So there ya have it, all the reasons to watch the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals. I know my ass will be tuning in.

Oh and by the way, not that anyone’s asked, but I’ve got the Golden Knights in six. Can’t deny destiny…

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