Shaq Needed to Let it Go

Before I launch into my rant, let me disclose the following.

First, I am a BIG fan of Shaquille O’Neal.

I love his humor, his wit.  I love what he does for the charities he’s involved in.  I love what he is doing for TNT, notably his “Shaq-tin a Fool” segments (more on that later).

Most of all, I loved the dominance he had on the basketball court during his time as a member of the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, and Miami Heat.

On the other hand, I am not a big fan of JaVale McGee.

I think he is a big clown.  I think he has the basketball IQ of a mustard seed.  His exploits, or lack thereof, has been widely chronicled – on “Shaq-tin a Fool” (I promise that more is coming on this) and the like.

In short, while I appreciate his humor and the fact he doesn’t take himself too seriously, McGee has been wasting his talents BEFORE this season.

I made sure I stressed the “before” part because it appears that he is finally finding his groove after joining the Golden State Warriors this season.

Which leads us back to Shaq and this silly feud which is essentially a glorified hissy-fit.  

Shaq may not have been wrong for his constant critique of McGee and his game, but he should have known better than to make this personal.  Shaq should have been above making threats and calling McGee names via twitter. 

And when the mamas got involved, you know Shaq was on an island.  Ms. McGee called him out and pleaded with TNT to fire him.  Shaq’s mom told him straight up to cut it out.  

Again, I love Shaq and I hope he continues to do well on TNT.  He just shouldn’t have resorted to being such a petty-ass bully… 

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