Tony Romo Should Sign with the Texans

I didn’t think that good ‘ol Jerry Jones had the stones to break off Tony Romo.  I could have sworn that Jerrah would stubbornly stick by a player whom many would say is like a second son to Jones.  

Nevertheless, it looks like that the owner/general manager/cat daddy of the Dallas Cowboys had finally come to his senses and will release Romo as early as Thursday.  Props to Jerrah for officially (and finally) making Dak Prescott the franchise QB moving forward.  

Now that Romo is on the verge of being released, folks are speculating where he will continue his career.  The two leading contenders are the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans.  

While Denver would not be a bad landing spot, I think Romo would be a better fit in Houston. 

Sure, both teams are comparable to one another.  Both have above-average defenses.  Both have talent at the skill positions.  Both are run exceptionally well.  

The Texans have the biggest advantage over the Broncos is this area: their division.  

The AFC South is the sorriest, piss-poorest division in the league.  Houston’s biggest competition (Indianapolis) was only .500 and is trending downward.  

Houston moonwalked its way to a division crown the past two seasons with suspect QB play.  Could you imagine the damage the Texans can do with an above-average QB like Romo?

If Romo went to Denver, he would have to beat out two division foes in Oakland and Kansas City.  

Romo would have a much easier path to the AFC playoffs as a Houston Texan.  

So there it is Houston management: do right by your fans – and right the wrong that was the Brock Osweiler free agent bust – and sign Romo to a competitive, yet team-friendly contract ASAP…

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  1. Wouldn’t it be something if Romo signed with the Texans and led them to a Super Bowl- after all those years of frustration in the playoffs with Dallas.

  2. Can the Texans afford him with Osweiler’s contract?


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