Magic Is the Right Person to Turn Lakers Around

I have quite a few friends who are big fans of the Los Angeles Lakers.  

Upon hearing the news of Magic Johnson being named head of basketball operations and firing general manager Mitch Kupchack and former head of basketball ops Jim Buss, I’m sure they danced in the streets the rest of the day.  Hell they and the rest of Laker Nation are probably STILL dancing in the streets. 

It took Jeanie Buss long enough to fire her brother, but better late than never I suppose.  Shoot, no matter how much I love my younger brother, I’d fire him too if he made the following blunders:

  • Hire Mike Brown as head coach to replace Phil Jackson. 
  • Hire Mike D’Antoni to replace the since-fired Brown, instead of bringing back Jackson. 
  • Drafting D’Angelo Russell. 
  • Giving Luol Deng and Timofey Mosgov HUGE free agent contracts.  And perhaps the worst sin of all…
  • Not trading Brandon Ingram for DeMarcus Cousins. 

Jesus Christ would fire John the Baptist if he made those mistakes. 

Look, I know there are some risks involved.  Magic has no front office experience.  His hiring has put the Lakers in a state of flux. 

But Magic also has an awesome track record when it comes to being successful, whether in business or in joint owning the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Magic is going to hire and lean on people who have experience in player development and salary cap management.  Look for him to bring back he legendary Jerry West after his contract with the Golden State Warriors expires at season’s end. 

I hate to quote anything from Fox Sports 1’s own Skip Bayless (“Undisputed” is a damn good show), but he said it best to Laker Nation.

“Happy days are here again…”

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