Loved the Cousins Deal, More So if it Were Boston

pelicansI am still in the state of shock over the DeMarcus Cousins trade.  How in the world did the New Orleans Pelicans manage to pry him from the Sacramento Kings for what was essentially a tomato can, a pair of sneakers, and some tape?

It doesn’t matter to me how the Pelicans only had to send Buddy Held, Tyreke Evans, a first- and second round pick, and two other dudes for Boogie.  I am just impressed that New Orleans now have TWO skilled big men in Boogie and Anthony Davis.

I mean sure, the Pelicans could probably use more talent in their supporting cast.  The only other player that’s worth a damn is point guard Jrue Holiday.  Even so, Boogie and his 27.8 points and 10.6 rebounds per game will at the very least help secure a low playoff seed for the Pelicans.

As much as I love the Boogie trade for New Orleans, I think he would have been a better fit in Boston.

First, he would have had a MUCH better (is that grammatically correct?) supporting cast.  Isaiah Thomas is a better player than Holiday and the Celtics have four other solid players averaging in double digits.  And more importantly, Boogie would have an EVEN BETTER head coach in Brad Stevens, not to mention a first-class front office led by general manager Danny Ainge.

Plus, I think Boogie would relish the chance of challenging LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for supremacy in the Eastern Conference.  Hell, the Celtics would be one of the five best teams in the NBA with Boogie.

And it’s not like the Celtics didn’t have the ammo to get Boogie.  Last I checked, Boston has a bevy of first round picks that would have had the Kings splooging all over themselves.

And yeah, I know that Boogie doesn’t have the best attitude in the world.  His maturity alone needs a session with Dr. Phil.

But you just do not trade a 25 and 10 guy for a bunch of tomato cans.  Good luck to the Kings trying to sell this to fans and trying to fill that sparkling new arena to see that garbage masquerading as NBA talent.

Speaking of which, I don’t know what in the hell Sacramento was thinking.  Giving up on a a talented player who is one of the two best big men in the NBA (Davis being the other), as well as having six coaches in seven seasons, tells me this franchise doesn’t know which way is up.

Memo to Kings GM Vlade Divac: can’t flop your way out of this mess you’ve created…

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