How to Fix the Knicks

ny-knicks-logoMy beloved New York Knicks is a hot mess, and that’s being TOO kind.

Let’s forget the James Dolan-Charles Oakley fiasco for a minute.  My Knicks have been stinking for a long time.

New York has only four playoff appearances since the 2000-2001 season.  And in those four playoff appearances, the Knicks only made it past the first round ONCE.

Now, back to the present.  Not only do you have the embarrassing Dolan-Oakley feud where the NBA commissioner and Michael Jordan had to play mediators to end the feud, there are two signs of toxicity that’s been permeating the hell out of Madison Square Garden: Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony.

I can’t really blame Anthony for a lot of this, save for his ability to be a “ball-stopper” on offense.  All he has done is keep his head down and give his best night in and night out.  He doesn’t want out of New York.  In fact, on numerous occasions he has stated that he wants to be part of the turnaround that fans have been clamoring for.

I do think that Anthony needs a fresh start.  He would be an awesome addition to a playoff contender if he could waive his no-trade clause.  The Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Los Angeles Clippers would love his services.  And those teams would be more than willing to give my Knicks the assets they need to rebuild and rebound quickly.

Which brings us to Jackson.

The “Zen Master” was hired as president of basketball operations to do two things: lure in superstar free agents and not tarnish the trade value of his best players.  At this point, Jackson has been failing with flying colors.

Jackson has been losing out on the deep free agent markets the last couple of seasons.  He lost Greg Drummond to the Milwaukee Bucks, for Christ’s sake!

And now Jackson has been ruining the trade value of Anthony by sending cryptic tweets on him all season long.  That’s right, the Knicks’ own president has been trolling his best player.

So here’s how I would fix the Knicks if I were Dolan:

  1. Fire Jackson
  2. Trade Carmelo
  3. Name Oakley as team president/”badass-assador”
  4. Sell the team

It’s as simple as that.

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