Geno Auriemma and UConn GREAT for Women’s Basketball

uconnI realize that I generally do not give women’s sports a lot of love on this blog, which is something I am not very proud of.  Seriously.

Even though I have spoke eloquently over tennis legend Serena Williams on more than one occasion (like this, that, oh and this too), I need to do better in recognizing the ladies’ contributions to sports on ANY level.

So in an effort to right that wrong, I’m going to wax poetic over something that appeals to the big sports fan in me: sheer dominance.  And while I have one base covered in Serena, it’s time to welcome another entity to the party.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the UConn Huskies women’s basketball program.

There are lots to love about the Huskies.  For starters, they are the defending national champions – FOUR TIMES over (2013 to present).  They won 11 national championships, including the last four AND six of the last eight.  Their record over the last three seasons is a whopping 116-1(!).

And most impressive of all, the UConn women are on a 100-game winning streak.

Now the question is – and has been so the last four seasons – are the UConn women good for women’s basketball?  I’d say hell yes.  

There is nothing wrong with dynasties in sports.  And last I checked, most people love watching dominance and greatness.  

And is not like we haven’t seen challengers during that time.  Notre Dame, Baylor, Maryland and recently South Carolina have at times gotten after it.  Given how UConn has remained the standard during those challenges has to be commended.  

So for those fans who cry about UConn making women’s college ball a one-sided affair, implore your favorite teams to step it up a few notches.  

Scout better.  Recruit better.  Coach better.  

Before that happens, let’s enjoy witnessing UConn’s dominance while we still can…

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