Eli Is Still not Better than Peyton

Congrats to Eli Manning and the New York Giants for beating the New England Patriots, a.k.a. “the anti-Christ” 21-17.  Now folks are debating whether Eli is better than his brother Peyton Manning.

Slow your roll folks.

While Eli is now the more accomplished quarterback in terms of the post-season, Peyton is still the better of the two.  I have always said that Peyton is the most accomplished REGULAR SEASON quarterback in NFL history.  He broke the season touchdown record previously held by Dan Marino.  Peyton is also a multiple MVP winner.

I’m sorry folks, but Eli’s resume doesn’t even compute and compare to Peyton’s.  However, I will say this: Eli is the more CLUTCH quarterback of the two.  A stellar post-season record, including winning both Super Bowl appearances (both against Tom Brady), is the epitome of clutch.

However just because you are more clutch, it does not necessarily make you the best.  Is Big Ben better than Peyton?

I didn’t think so…


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  1. Big Al says:

    Spot on. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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