Super Bowl XLVI Preview

I am not ready for the last official NFL game to take place, simply because I am not ready for months of no NFL.


At least this game is the Super Bowl I suppose.  Speaking of which, here is how I see Super Bowl XLVI plays out:

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots.  Ah, another Super Bowl rematch.  We all know there are questions surrounding Rob Gronkowski’s high ankle sprain.  While I think he will play, Gronk will be no more than a glorified decoy.  While the Giants of 2008 shocked the world, that Giants team was not as talented as THIS Giants team.  And this Patriots team was not as talented as that 18-0 juggernaut (which later became 18-1) in the previous Super Bowl matchup.

As for this edition of Giants-Patriots, I think the Giants have the upper hand on the Pats.  The Giants are loaded offensively, QB Eli Manning is playing out of his mind, and the Giants defensive line will harass Pats QB Tom Brady all night long.  Oh, the Pats defense is just not that good – the Denver Broncos game notwithstanding.  I think the game will be close, but I expect the New York team to get over on a Boston-based team ONCE AGAIN…

Giants 27, Patriots 20.

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