Magic, not Kobe, Is the Greatest Laker of All Time

So Kobe Bryant scored a bunch of points in a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers to become the all-time leading scorer for the Los Angeles Lakers.  It was quite an awesome feat, I’ll give it that.

However, the awesomeness ended with an infamous quote from former Laker/Kobe antagonist Shaquille O’Neal.

“I want to personally congratulate Kobe on being the greatest Laker ever.”


Are you kidding me Shaq?  Kobe Bryant?  Really?

First of all, while I think Shaq was trying to be gracious and apologetic towards Bryant.  I just think Shaq was not only waaaay off in his assessment of Bryant’s place in Laker history, but that he was such a prisoner of the moment.

Any NBA fan worth his/her weight should know a little bit about Laker history.  And that history dictates that Bryant is not even the THIRD best player in Laker history.

Here is where I think Bryant ranks among the all-time Laker greats:

  1. Magic Johnson (and it is not even close, folks…)
  2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  3. George Mikan (the original dominant big man)
  4. Shaquille O’Neal
  5. Jerry West
  6. Kobe Bryant (he does not win three of his titles without Shaq)
  7. Wilt Chamberlain
  8. Elgin Baylor

Honorable mention: “Big Game” James Worthy

I am guessing that a few of you may disagree with my list.  Lemme have it!!!

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  1. I would have put Kobe dead last on that list. He is such an egotistical bastard who ran Shaq out of town…

  2. I like your list, but I gotta put Kareem above Magic – 38,387 career points is one of those records that should be discussed whenever we talk about “unbreakable records in sports.”

    Then I have to put wilt above Kareem because Wilt has six records that will never be broken.

  3. Kareem
    you guys don’t even make sense. Shaq wouldn’t have had his titles without Kobe neither. It goes both ways smart ass. And why does shaq rank above kobe?
    Ego or not the guy is still an amazing basketball player.
    Jordan was arrogant and worst n look at his speech at the HOF. It comes with the talent.
    There’s not another SG that comes close to Kobe in the history of the game besides jordan being ahead of him. Get off magic’s wood and open your eyes

    • “Get off Magic’s wood and open your eyes”? I think YOU need to get off KOBE’S wood and see the light. You honestly think that Kobe – not Shaq – led the Lakers to three of those titles? What, Shaq winning Finals MVP three times was not enough validation for you?

      Here’s the deal, Kobe was CLEARLY the second banana. If that wasn’t the case, then why did Kobe complain about being the #2 and helped get Shaq run out of town?

    • And by the way, Kobe is never – NEVER – as a complete a player as Magic Johnson. Magic was a point guard who could play ALL FIVE positions. He did so in the 1980 NBA Finals, his rookie season. Go on YouTube for your history lesson.

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