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Happy Father’s Day!

We at “The Klown Times” would like to wish the dads out there a happy Father’s Day. Kids, make sure y’all treat your dads right and keep those cool gifts coming. Moms, be sure to get the big piece of… Read More ›

Happy Earth Day and Belated 4/20 Day

We, at “The Klown Times”, would like to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day and VERY belated 4/20 Day.  Time for all hippy-ass tree huggers and potheads to celebrate, maybe hibernate, and smoke a tree or two… #SeeWhatIDidThere

Happy Valentine’s Day

We at ‘The Klown Times’ would like to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day. Be sure to take care of yourself significant others/spouses/partners tonight (well, everyday really). Fellas, make sure to pick up the check, too. One last thing:… Read More ›

Happy MLK Day!

We, at “The Klown Times”, want to wish you all a happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day. I only have one thing to ask of all y’all: please, take the time to learn about MLK and his legacy instead of… Read More ›

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We would like to everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to watch copious amounts of football, eat your asses off, not break too much wind, and enjoy the time you have with your families. They won’t be here forever…

Happy Veterans Day

We at ‘The Klown Times’ want to wish everyone a Happy Veterans Day. Please be sure to shake a veteran’s hand and say “thank you”. Please, and thank you…