Very Short (and Late as Hell) NBA Conference Finals Preview

Well, the conference finals are FINALLY here. Well, both Game 7s in the Eastern Conference semis finally came to an end. (I say ‘well’ a lot, don’t I?)

One thing to add: this has to be the first NBA conference finals where all four teams have a shot at winning their first ring. That means one thing: NO MORE LEBRON!!!!

That has to be a beautiful thing from an interest standpoint, you know?

At any rate, here is how I see the conference finals shaping out…

Eastern Conference

#3 Milwaukee Bucks vs. #5 Atlanta Hawks

Prediction: Bucks in six

Analysis: yes, I know the Hawks won last night’s Game 1 and are hotter than fish grease. I just think the Bucks are too big, better defensively, and more balanced than the Hawks. If the Bucks don’t resort to, as Charles Barkley said, “dumb” basketball, then they should win this series.

Western Conference

#2 Phoenix Suns vs. #4 Los Angeles Clippers

Prediction: Suns in seven

Analysis: This should be one of the most exciting series in the playoffs. May not be like Bucks-Nets, but entertaining nonetheless. I just love how fearless the Suns’ young stars are. Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton are not afraid of the big stage. The return of Chris Paul from COVID protocols should help them immensely. Don’t count out the Clippers, tho. The Mavericks and Jazz learned that lesson.

I’m hyped!!!

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