World’s Quickest NBA Finals Preview

This is a historic NBA Finals.

The Milwaukee Bucks’ first Finals appearance since 1974. The Phoenix Suns’ attempt at a first NBA title and first appearance since 1993.

No Golden State Warriors. No Miami Heat. No Los Angeles Lakers. No Cleveland Cavaliers. No Kevin Durant. No Kawhi Leonard.

And most of all, no LeBron James.

Did y’all know the number of Finals’ appearances in between both the Bucks and the Suns are SIX GAMES — by ONE PERSON??? (That would be Jae Crowder)

This is new. This is fresh. And most of all, this will be awesome.

Two relatively evenly-matched teams, which should make for one great Finals. In most playoff series involving evenly-matched teams, I normally would side with the team with homecourt advantage.

And this is why I am going with the Suns.

Yes, the Bucks have been playing well without the injured Giannis Antetokounmpo. Khris Middleton, Jrue Holiday and even Brook Lopez have been ballin’. And yes, they have been actually using their size advantage — to their advantage.

But not only do I think the Suns’ young stars Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton are hungry and not afraid of this moment. Not only am I a big fan of Chris Paul and think he is due.

I just don’t trust Bucks’ coach Mike Budenholzer.

The dude make adjustments like a garden statue: he doesn’t make them. It should have cost them against the Brooklyn Nets. It almost cost them against the Atlanta Hawks. 

Suns in six.

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