Philly Needs to Get Rid of Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons is a very talented basketball player.

He is a gifted passer. He’s a helluva defender. The fact that he is a 6’10” point guard proves that he belongs in this league and his future is bright.

It’s just that that future should no longer be with the Philadelphia 76ers.

For a young man with all of those aforementioned gifts, it seems like shooting the basketball should be second nature. Except it’s not.

In the 4th quarter of Games 4-7, Simmons played 34 minutes, scored only six points on 0-10 shooting and going 6-12 from the free throw line. While being only a 60% free throw shooter in the regular season, he only shot 34% during the playoffs.

Y’all see that open dunk he passed up during the last minute of the game when his Sixers were down by A BASKET???

I think it’s time for Sixers to pull the plug on the Ben Simmons experiment.

Head coach Doc Rivers essentially said so after the game. Joel Embiid also essentially said so after the game.

You can’t tell me that, at age 24, Simmons had been steadily improving his offensive game. In fact, dude has regressed tremendously.

While Indiana’s Malcolm Brogdon or Portland’s CJ McCollum would be great fits for their abilities to score (Dame Lillard would leave Portland in a New York minute if the Blazers brought in Simmons for his boy McCollum), ANY scorer would do. Due to his injury history, Embiid has a short window where he could dominate, and the Sixers need to take advantage.

And Simmons ain’t it.

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  1. Yeah that passed up dunk was like, “Whaa?!”

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