The World’s Quickest 2020 NBA Finals Preview

This is going to be one, rather interesting NBA Finals.

We have the prohibitive favorite Los Angeles Lakers on one side (damn you, choking ass Clippers!), and the overwhelmingly surprising Miami Heat on the other. So much for my L.A. Clippers vs. Boston Celtics prediction before the season began — and my Lakers vs. Toronto Raptors pick when the bubble play began.

I told cats before the playoffs began not to underestimate the Heat — actually my exact words were “don’t sleep on the Miami Heat”. I knew they were tough and would compete, but DAMN! The Heat hustle, scrap, and do not allow themselves to get punked.

Jimmy Butler’s toughness has REALLY rubbed off on this squad. He’s clearly bought into the Heat culture established by the legendary Pat Riley and head coach Erik Spoelstra. Before Butler’s arrival, the Heat were a 30-win team. Now they are four games away from being world champions.

Butler-Heat was the ultimate match made in heaven.

Having said all that, I think the Lakers are more talented, taller, and just better on paper. I think LeBron James is on a mission to honor the legacy of the deceased Kobe Bryant (I STILL cannot believe Kobe is gone). It also helped that their toughest competition (the Clippers) choked their way out of the playoffs before the Western Conference Finals. In short, it’s just so meant to be for the Lakers.

I still believe in the Heat, just not so damn much this time around.

Lakers in 6.

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