2020 Week 4 NFL Preview

I forgot to submit a preview for Week 3, my bad. Those of you who are pissed, sue me.

Anyhoo, I’ll on point for this Week 4 preview. While it’s STILL a little early (the Bears are a legit 3-0???), we may have a few established early front-runners duking it out this week.

So without further ado…

Game of the Week

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans

Raise your hands if you had both teams undefeated and on top of their respective divisions three weeks into the season. That’s what I thought.

This matchup of unbeaten frontrunners will give us an indication of which team is for real and who may be another worthy competitor to the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC. If my beloved Steelers stop the beast that is RB Derrick Henry, then they will have a great shot of winning this road game. But since I am not going to jinx my team: Titans 24, Steelers 21.

Shithole Game of the Week

Denver Broncos at New York Jets. One team has to suffer with its backup QB. Another has a QB who wishes said team would start his backup so he could get the fuck out of dodge. Sucks that the rest of country has to see two shitty, winless teams on Thursday night.

Since I have to pick a winner out of this: Broncos over Jets.

Sunday’s Games

Colts over Bears (the Chicago mirage will be over)
Bengals over Jaguars
Browns over Cowboys
Saints over Lions
Seahawks over Dolphins
Buccaneers over Chargers
Ravens over Washington Whoevers
Cardinals over Panthers
Texans over Vikings
Chiefs over Patriots
Bills over Raiders
49ers over Eagles

Monday’s Game

Packers over Falcons

Record for Week 2: 15-1 (damn, almost a perfect week!)

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