The World’s Quickest 2020 MLB Playoff Preview

I didn’t think the powers that be in Major League Baseball would pull this off. The completion of a shortened, 60-game post-COVID regular season whose first half was filled with positive tests among players and staff that caused a plethora of postponements.

Remember when a hardheaded portion of the St. Louis Cardinals and damn near the entire Miami Marlins squad tested positive for COVID the first couple of weeks of the season? Same with the Baltimore Orioles and a few other squads?

I, for one, didn’t think MLB would even complete the damn season. Yet, here we are.

And I bet you’re wondering, “well negro, so much for this being the shortest playoff BLAH, BLAH, BLAH with all this talk about completing the season and shit.” It still will be given the fact that I have NO IDEA on how this shit is going to go down in the first round — with a few exceptions. A shortened season will do that to the mind, ya know.

At any rate, without further ado…

American League

#1 Tampa Bay Rays over #8 Toronto Bluejays
Prediction: Rays in 2

#4 Cleveland Indians vs. #5 New York Yankees
Predicton: Yankees in 3

#3 Minnesota Twins vs. #6 Houston Astros
Prediction: Twins in 2 (fuck those cheating-ass Astros)

#2 Oakland Athletics vs. #7 Chicago White Sox
Prediction: A’s in 2

National League

#1 Los Angeles Dodgers vs. #8 Milwaukee Brewers
Prediction: Dodgers in 2

#4 San Diego Padres vs. #5 St. Louis Cardinals
Prediction: Cardinals in 3 (hard to count out ‘Team Cockroach’)

#3 Chicago Cubs vs. #6 Miami Marlins
Prediction: Cubs in 2

#2 Atlanta Braves vs. #7 Cincinnati Reds
Prediction: Reds in 3 (upset special, baby!!!)

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  1. Amazing they finished the season. I thought the whole thing would collapse in August. I also took Cards over Padres. I have Twins over Dodgers in 7 in World Series

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