We Ain’t Gonna Have College Football in 2020, Y’all

I’m afraid. Very afraid.

Due to this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (or as a close in-law of mine coins it, “damndemic”), the Mid-American Conference, aka #MACtion, postponed all of its fall sports — including football. It was the first FBS league to do so.

Now word on the street is that not only are the Power 5 leagues (the ACC, Big 10, SEC, Big 12 and Pac-12) have been monitoring the MAC situation closely and expressed their own doubts (a Power 5 administrator said the following: “It feels like no one wants to, but it’s reaching the point where someone is going to have to”), the big-wigs from those leagues are having an “emergency meeting” as I type.

If the Power 5 leagues postpone football, the remaining Group of 5 leagues (Sun Belt, American Athletic Conference, Mountain West, and Conference USA) will join the MAC in following suit. Which means, NO FOOTBALL.

Yes, I know the MAC expressed the possibility of moving the season to the spring. But if we’re being honest, we know that’s a pipe dream at best, meaning once again…


And who the hell knows how long we won’t have college football?

We don’t even have a damn vaccine as of yet, and likely won’t have one until Spring 2021 at the earliest. And it doesn’t help that many people in this otherwise awesome country of mine are too damn entitled and flat-out dumb to wear a mask, which would have curtailed the spread of the infection.

I’ve got a funny feeling I’m gonna be sad. VERY SAD…

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