Memo to Adam Silver: Keep IG Hoes Out of the NBA Bubble

I read a story that not only made my skin crawl, it also made me shout “aw, HELL NAW!”

The NBA will allow players to invite some guests to the league campus in Orlando between the first and second rounds of the restart playoffs. The NBA said “player’s families and longtime close personal friends” were eligible as guests in the NBA bubble.

While it eliminates the possibility of having groupies and IG “models” of coming inside the bubble, there are still risks of bringing in COVID-19.

The NBA has ZERO positive tests so far – as the case with Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and the NHL. The last thing I want to see is this great NBA season and now postseason get shut down thanks to COVID-19.

I get the players wanting to see their families and significant others. I’m just afraid those same family members will shut the whole thing down.

And y’all know those IG hoes will try and find their way into the bubble. During ‘The Klown Hour’ podcast last night, my podcast partner Duane Nash mentioned that of them went as far as saying that she will indeed do just that.

I just need NBA security to keep her and those other hoes the fuck out of the bubble. Hell, have some of those security dudes tackle those skanks and throw them out of Disney for all I care.

And let’s be real about something: these players (and some coaches) are getting a bad case of “camp eyes”. That means that those cats are so sexually desperate, they would fuck almost anyone anywhere. In other words, a chick as gnarly as Rosanne Barr would probably be seen as 10s to these players.

As a human being with a penis, I totally empathize and feel their pain. I just don’t think COVID-tainted pussy if worth risking the life of the 2020 NBA Playoffs.

So let me repeat this to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, players and coaches: for the love of God, PLEASE keep those IG hoes the hell out of the bubble. Please, and thank you.

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