Ohio State Fans, Don’t Blame Refs for Loss to Clemson

Ohio State fans have a right to be pissed.

A questionable targeting penalty on your best defensive back which led to Clemson’s first touchdown, giving the Tigers life when they were down 16-0. Then, in what was perhaps the most egregious call of the night, the officials overturned a rather obvious scoop and score by the Buckeye defense in the 3rd quarter that would have given Ohio State the lead.

So like I said earlier, Ohio State fans have a right to be feeling some kind of way this morning. However, they can’t blame last night’s loss SOLELY on the suspect officiating.

The Buckeyes wasted SEVERAL red zone opportunities in the first half when they had a shot to REALLY bury the Tigers. The Buckeyes wasted two goal-to-go situations that would have given them a 24-0 lead instead of 16-0, their only first half TD coming after J.K. Dobbins’ 68-yard run.

So to me, that was where the game was really lost for Ohio State. Cash in on those goal-to-gos, the Bucks would be up more than three scores — and 24-0 would have looked bleaker for Clemson than 16-0. When you have the defending champs on the ropes, you gotta deliver the knockout blow instead of a few painful jabs.

Oh, and if you total up those missed opportunities in the scoring column, the Buckeyes would have won going away. This loss is going to sting Buckeye Nation for a LONG time…

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