Who the F*&k is Joe Judge? (And Other NFL Head Coaching Hire Musings)

The last couple of days were filled with three rather surprising coaching hires: Mike McCarthy to the Dallas Cowboys, Matt Rhule to the Carolina Panthers — and last, and more shockingly, Joe Judge to the New York Giants.

Here are my two quick two cents on the hires…

Mike McCarthy

This was a rather uninspiring, yet safe, hire for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

McCarthy is a Super Bowl winning coach, and that carries a lot of cred in any NFL locker room. I felt that former coach Jason Garrett, aka “Coach Clap”, didn’t have much — if any — cred at all in the Cowboys locker room.

My thing is, I didn’t think the offense needed any fixing. It was that wretched defense that was the team’s Achilles heel, led by the underachieving — and highly paid — DeMarcus Lawrence. And why would the team give soon to be highly paid QB Dak Prescott a different system to learn after throwing for more than 4,900 yards, 30 touchdowns to only 11 interceptions while completing more than 65 percent of his passes?

Matt Rhule

Believe it or not, I really like this hire. And Rhule has 60 to 70 million reasons to like it as well.

Rhule coached on one of the Giants’ Super Bowl teams (the one that beat the previously undefeated Patriots). He turned a once-radioactive Baylor into a winner (he turned around Temple before that). Plus, the Panthers needed a fresh start.

Hell, at least Rhule has head coaching experience. Unlike…

Joe Judge

This hire baffles the fuck out of me.

This is the New York Giants, a cornerstone franchise. They are located in the Big Apple. They have a star running back in Saquon Barkley, a possible future star QB in Daniel Jones. So one would think that the Giants would upgrade from the previously deposed Pat Shurmur, a stale coach who couldn’t lead ants to a picnic, for Judge???

Yes, I know that Judge has been mentored by Alabama coach Nick Saban and Patriots coach Bill Belichick. But check this out: he was a special teams coordinator (their special teams were actually decent) and wide receivers coach — last I checked, the Patriots receiving corps were nothing short of terrible. And more importantly, he HAS NEVER BEEN A HEAD COACH ON ANY LEVEL.

So how do you think the players will receive an inexperienced 38 year-old dude when he goes non-nonsense on them? I’m guessing not well.

This shit ain’t gonna last two seasons.

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