Cam Newton Still Has Some Years Left

With news of the Carolina Panthers shutting Cam Newton down for the rest of the regular season, people are wondering if this will be his last season with the Panthers. I, unfortunately, think that he has.

Read the tea leaves for a minute. The team is winning with his backup, Kyle Allen, under center (which is an unfair comparison for Cam). And the team can cut Newton and be charged only $2 mil towards next year’s salary cap.

Fortunately for Cam, all is not lost.

There are at least a handful of teams who would LOVE to attain his services. The Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins and possibly the Cincinnati Bengals are among them. Hell, fans of those teams would pull out the red carpet for Cam.

I think he’d be the best fit in Tennessee. The Titans have a damn good defense, a very good running game, and a decent offensive line. Plus he’ll be able to stay close to his Charlotte home and continue to ball out under the radar.

And as for the Panthers’ fans who are clamoring for Newton to be gone, be careful what you wish for. Y’all remember those lean years following the Jake Delhomme years. Hell, the last few years of that era were pretty bad.

Allen doesn’t strike me as a playmaker. He is asked to be a game-manager (and is doing a good job of doing so), a far cry from what Cam was asked to do. To say Allen will be the future face of the franchise is doing a bit too much right now.

I’m just saying…

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