Stop Blaming Mason Rudolph for Steelers-Browns Brawl

I was going to do a rant on Colin Kaepernick and his ensuing “workout” put on by the NFL — after putting it off for a few days. But “Fight Night” happened after last night’s Steelers-Browns game, so here we are.

I’m not going to rehash what happened near the end of Cleveland’s domination, and the subsequent suspensions. That’s what ESPN is for. However, I am sick and tired of certain fans (namely Browns fans) blaming my favorite team’s backup QB Mason Rudolph for the starting the fracas.

Did Rudolph contribute to Myles Garrett going UFC on him? Maybe. He did get his hands on Garrett’s face mask, after all.

Just look at this from Rudolph’s point of view for a minute.

There were eight seconds left in a game where you are getting your ass kicked. You had a terrible game. You just want to complete one more pass play and get the hell out of there.

Now imagine a 6’5″ 275-pound dude grabbing you, taking your ass to the ground and unnecessarily giving you the business. Of course you are instinctively going to get his big ass off of you, usually by any means necessary.

To me, there’s just no excuse for any dude to swing a helmet on another dude. Garrett could have seriously hurt Rudolph or worse, especially if Garrett hit him with the TOP of the helmet instead of the lighter bottom portion.

And to the hotep negroes who allege that Rudolph didn’t get suspended or fined (he DID get fined, by the way), stop it. In fact, please have a nice, tall glass of “shut the fuck up” on me…

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