Jay Gruden Ain’t the Only Blame for Redskins’ Mess

I’m not here to SOLELY take up for Jay Gruden. Ol boy has some skin in this Washington Redskins’ mess too.

Gruden compiled a 35–49–1 head coaching record in Washington. He made the playoffs only once — and lost that game.

Jay, like his brother Jon, is notoriously hard on his quarterbacks. He somehow conned team owner Dan “Danny Boy” Snyder into hiring him, based on what he did with Andy Dalton as the then-offensive coordinator with the Cincinnati Bengals. He swore to all of us how he could make Robert Griffin III into a superstar.

Of course, that never happened.

Gruden later went with Kirk Cousins, and while he had some fleeting success to the tune of a playoff appearance, that combo never got over the hump.

And then there is Gruden’s twisted infatuation with Colt McCoy.

All of those dubious acts notwithstanding, Gruden at his best would have not gone but so far with this franchise. Y’all can thank Snyder and team president/fuckboy Bruce Allen for that.

Bad drafts. Terrible PR moves. Horrific free agent signings. Bad fan relations. You name it — anything catastrophic was caused by either Snyder or Allen.

And word is they want to bring in Mike Tomlin, Eric Bieniemy, Jim Harbaugh and Josh McDaniels as potential candidates? Hell even the best coach in franchise history (Joe Gibbs) had a hard time under Snyder.

I wish I could tell Washington’s fans (my dad is one of them) everywhere that everything is gonna be alright. But until Snyder fires Allen — and himself…


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