2019 MLB Playoffs: League Championship Series

Disclaimer: these picks are not based on being a prisoner of the moment, rather what I was thinking BEFORE both championship series began. And yes, I know I’m late as hell — so sue me…

National League

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Washington Nationals

Nice to see the Nationals exorcise their playoff demons, rallying to beat the chronically playoff underachieving Los Angeles Dodgers to advance. I just think the Cardinals, aka “Team Cockroach”, will be too much. They are so well-managed, and will be a tad too much for the Nationals.

Prediction: Cardinals in six (this is not looking good at the moment)

American League

Houston Astros vs. New York Yankees

This Yankees fan is excited seeing them balling out the regular season with essentially, thanks to numerous injuries, their “B” team. They looked really good while sweeping the Minnesota Twins as well.

Its just something about those damn Astros. They can mash AND pitch. It ain’t even fair. And Houston has my Yankees’ number. Unfortunately for me, the Astros’ mastery will continue.

Prediction: Astros in seven

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