Brand New Day, Same ‘Ol Browns

Before I launch into the Cleveland Browns, let me just note a few things.

Yes, I know that it’s only Week 1 of the NFL regular season (I can’t believe football is back!!!). And yes, I know it’s a marathon and not a sprint, it’s too early to throw the baby out with the bathwater — blah, blah, blah.

I get it, it’s too early to thrown dirt on the Browns. But damn, given their recent history, it would have helped if they would come out like gangbusters against the Tennessee Titans Sunday — at home, no less.

I mean, we all crowned the Browns as champs before this season, right? First the AFC North, then an AFC crown — and dare I say, a Super Bowl win? So we all expected the Browns to come out rolling, right?


The final score read 43-13, Titans. And if you watched the game, it wasn’t even THAT close.

Eighteen penalties (no, that was not a typo).

Flat effort on both sides of the ball. Baker Mayfield’s three interceptions, including a Pick-6 by Malcolm Butler, didn’t exactly help. The Browns’ defense made the Marcus Mariota-led Titans offense look like the second coming of the Joe Montana-led 49ers.

Suspect coaching. Freddie Kitchens certainly looked like a dude who never coached a game in his life.

thing about yesterday say that the Browns were the only the team to beat. It’s worth noting that the Browns were favored by 5.5 points against the Titans. Hard to believe, ain’t it?

Do I think the Browns are better than this and will eventually rebound from this? Unfortunately, yes (remember, I’m a Steelers fan).

But until then, they will always be known as the “Brownies”…

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