2019 NFL Week 2 Preview

Guess who’s back again!

My bad for missing last week. I don’t remember how busy I have been last week. Did something come up? Was I high?

Either way, I’m back.

Here’s how I am seeing Week 2 shaping out. Feel free to send me your hate at the end…

Game of the Week

New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams

Every (well, ALMOST every) NFL fan has had this game circled on their calendars since the schedule came out in April. The Saints got screwed, we all know that. Look for the Rams are gonna show everyone that they were, indeed, the better team.

Unfortunately for the Saints, they’ll have to wait until possibly the playoffs because this game will not be in the Superdome. And this will be the Rams’ home opener — what better way to let the Saints know their place… Rams 27, Saints 20.

Ass Whuppin of the Week

Patriots over Dolphins. Have y’all seen last week’s games involving these two? Need I say more?

Thursday’s Game

Panthers over Buccaneers

Sunday’s Games

Steelers over Seahawks
Ravens over Cardinals
Bengals over 49ers
Chargers over Lions
Packers over Vikings
Texans over Jaguars
Bills over Giants
Titans over Colts
Cowboys over Washington
Chiefs over Raiders
Broncos over Bears
Eagles over Falcons

Monday’s Game

Browns over Jets

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