2019 NFL Preview

Despite the clouds that have hovered over the NFL the last few seasons (Colin Kaepernick, the Jay-Z deal, and the wrath of President Donald Trump), this is the best time of the year for me and many sports fans.

September not only gives fans like us college and pro football, it’s also my birthday month! And by the way, my yearly birthday request for my wife and nine-year-old child remains the same: give me my four hours on the Saturday and Sunday of my birthday week to watch football, and leave me the hell alone. As you can see, I am a simple man who does not require a lot.

Which leads us back to the NFL: I can’t wait. I may not watch most of Thursday’s game between the Bears and Packers (I got Green Bay winning, by the way), but you bet your ass I’ll be dialed in this Sunday.

So here is my shotgun preview of how I will see things shaping out. (Spoiler alert: new year, same ol’ shit in the AFC.)

*-denotes wild card team



  1. Patriots (this is really starting to becoming boring)
  2. Jets
  3. Bills
  4. Dolphins


  1. Steelers
  2. Browns (I’ll believe that shit when I see it, especially with all those explosive personalities and a rookie head coach)-*
  3. Ravens
  4. Bengals


  1. Jaguars
  2. Texans
  3. Colts (they were my pick before Andrew Luck quit; still sucks for the fans)
  4. Titans


  1. Chiefs
  2. Chargers-*
  3. Raiders
  4. Broncos



  1. Cowgals (goddammit…)
  2. Eagles-*
  3. Washington
  4. Giants


  1. Packers
  2. Vikings
  3. Bears (not buying what’s going to be a one-hit wonder)
  4. Lions


  1. Saints
  2. Panthers
  3. Falcons
  4. Buccaneers


  1. Rams
  2. Seahawks
  3. 49ers
  4. Cardinals (gonna be a LONNNNNNG year in the desert for Cliff Kingsbury and the diminutive Kyler Murray)

Super Bowl: Patriots over Saints (ho-hum…)

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