Hey ‘Bama and SEC: Give Clemson Its Due!

Before I unleash on Alabama football, the Southeastern Conference, and their honks, let me disclose the following.

Even though I have always been — and always will be — an Atlantic Coast Conference honk (NC State grad, class of 1997), I have ALWAYS been a BIG fan of SEC football. I love the passion those fan bases bring to those games week in and week out. Hell, I’ve been known to turn away from an average ACC football game for a major SEC showdown.

So in other words, I LOVE SEC football.

But this dismissive-ness, if you will, of Clemson’s dominant win over Alabama in last season’s title game is flat out ridiculous.

First, head coach Nick Saban said that his team was distracted by those concentrating on the 2019 NFL draft. What made that worse was media “experts” such as Paul Finebaum, Rece Davis, and many others co-signed on that shit. Now comes word that Alabama was worn out from the grind of a more rigorous schedule and wasn’t as well-rested as Clemson.

Are you fucking kidding me???

Even Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney thinks this is ridiculous:

“Listen, the SEC is a great conference, but I don’t think they’ve been as deep the last few years. I think they’ve had two or three really good teams and then it’s kind of been hit or miss from there. It’s an awesome league, for sure, and I know people say that Alabama was tired because they went through the grind and had to play all these teams. Well, they won by an average of 33.1 points per game, so they ought to be well-rested.

“My thing on that is, ‘Are you serious? They’re tired?’ Then you look at Clemson, and we won 12 games by 20-plus. Who really challenged Alabama in the SEC? They didn’t get challenged by anybody until the Georgia game.”

Memo to Saban, Finebaum, and other Alabama and SEC fans: Alabama got its ass kicked by Clemson. By FOUR TOUCHDOWNS.

Just accept that Clemson is the new sheriff in town and that Alabama now has competition at the top. I mean, this shit is about as exhausting politics these days.


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