Hey Brian Cashman, What the Hell Are You Doing?

This year’s trade deadline came and went with the usual blockbuster deals.

The Cincinnati Reds obtaining Trevor Bauer from the Cleveland Indians for Yasiel Puig. The New York Mets surprising obtaining Marcus Stroman from the Toronto Blue Jays. And finally, the Houston Astros swindling Zach Greinke from the Arizona Diamondbacks for four prospects.

My New York Yankees on the other hand?

Nada. Zilch.

General manager Brian Cashman didn’t do shit at the trade deadline, especially when EVERYONE AND THEIR MOMMA knew his Yankees needed starting pitching. The Boston Red Sox are still hitting home runs off of our starting pitching staff.

Yet dude did nothing. Again, absolutely nothing.

And the worst part about this was what Cashman said shortly after the deadline.

“We didn’t get close to anything, but we certainly knocked on all doors and had a lot of ideas and exchange of ideas with clubs in our effort to improve.”

“We didn’t get close to anything”???!!! Are you fucking serious??????

The Mets acquired Stroman for only a couple of their top prospects. The Astros only had to part with four of their prospects for Greinke. Both teams did not have to give up a lot for those players, who were also among the Yankees’ top pitching targets.

And yet Cashman did nothing.

Look, I know we have been doing well with essentially our “B” team. Giancarlo Stanton has been our for most of the year. Aaron Judge misses a significant chunk of the first half of the season. Our ace Luis Severino still has yet to pitch this season. CC Sabathia is now on the DL. But my Yanks’ good fortune can only last so long.

Look what happened during the Red Sox series last weekend. They scored 38 runs over the first three games of the series, including 29 in the FIRST TWO.

The Diamondbacks has been scoring on the Yanks, too. Yet again, Cashman didn’t work as hard to get either Stroman nor Greinke to help out his Yanks’ ailing starting pitching.

Maybe Cashman knows something the rest of us don’t? Maybe our pitching prospects in the minor leagues are more bad ass than we thought? Maybe other teams hate us that much and played hardball?

But my Yankees HAD to do something, right? Seeing Houston and Cleveland playing well, not to mention Boston and Tampa Bay getting healthier, scare the hell out of me.

If our starting pitching does not improve and we get lapped by the Astros and Red Sox in October, Yankees Nation should demand Cashman’s head on a platter…

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