Brown/Raiders Kerfuffle Proves Steelers Dodged Bullet

I almost feel sorry for the Oakland Raiders.

I mean, they did pay all that money to Antonio Brown to be their #1 receiver and missing piece to their offense. Head coach Jon Gruden traded Amari Cooper last season for a reason, right?

They had to have felt that they could change AB once he was as part of their team, right?

Well, Gruden and Co. should have known something was up with AB before giving him that money. His bizarre acts with Big Ben and the Steelers should have been an indicator.

I mean, AB went from having frost bitten feet in a cryotherapy chamber to now not showing up unless he is able to wear his old helmet — which is now deemed unsafe by the NFL. And if that wasn’t bad enough, word is that AB got his feet frost bitten ON PURPOSE so ensure he wouldn’t show up.


And to think, I was mostly on AB’s side when that drama went down with my Steelers. I guess the joke’s now on the Raiders…

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