Punishing USWNT for Scoring a Lot and Celebrating Is Flat Out Stupid

It’s official: we are a country full of whiners.

I mean why the hell else are a lot of us bitching and complaining over the United States’ 13-0 beatdown over Thailand. That’s right: 13 to friggin’ NIL!

The reactions from people on Fox Sports 1, ESPN and the like were flat out embarrassing.

People whining about things such as sportsmanship (heard that a helluva lot), saying that the USWNT had already made its point to Thailand (WTF??!). I also heard some of those same people say on TV and Twitter say stupid crap like, “what about the kids who are watching?”

You know what those kids were thinking? Let me tell you:

“Boy, if we don’t want to get out asses kicked, we better try and work REALLY hard.”

Or better yet,

“If we don’t want to see the opposing team celebrate and rub it in, by golly we better keep those cats from scoring!”

Listen folks, these are pros out here competing in the World Cup. This ain’t intramurals, people.

I can’t help but wonder the following: if this was the U.S. MEN’S national team administering a similar beatdown, would we hear a peep?

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