No Asterisks for Raptors’ Finals Win

This world is full of haters.

Too many people look to denigrate accomplishments of others when it doesn’t suit them in some way. They pick nits. They also play the dreaded “what-if” game. Hell, some people willingly mire themselves in a state of denial.

Those were all on display late last night after the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors 114 – 110 to win their (and Canada’s) first NBA title.

People were saying that the Warriors would have beaten the Raptors with a healthy Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. Hell some were saying if just Klay were healthy.

Others knocked Kawhi Leonard for winning the Finals MVP, even though he was the best player in this series. A lot of those same people haven’t (and probably will never) forgive him for forcing his way out of San Antonio.

How did I know all of that, you ask?

Look no further than Skip Bayless’ twitter account, where he ranted on what I said in the previous two paragraphs. That dude has to be the biggest hater in all of sports, and it’s not even close.

What Skip and many others are missing is that when it comes to sports, shit happens.

When the Lakers lost their bid to three-peat in the late 80s, both Magic Johnson and Byron Scott were lost to hamstring injuries. Their Lakers didn’t have a chance against Isiah Thomas’ Detroit Pistons.

And you know what else, Skip’s San Antonio Spurs won a title during a strike-shortened season. Aside from then-Lakers coach Phil Jackson, no one of consequence tried to affix an asterisk by the Spurs’ title.

If Skip thought his Spurs didn’t deserve an asterisk, neither should these Raptors.

So to Skip and the other haters out there: don’t hate, CONGRATULATE…

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