Warriors to Blame for Durant Injury

The last few weeks had to suck for Kevin Durant.

First of all, he sustained an Achilles injury (I knew it wasn’t a “calf injury” then, and even more so now) during Game 5 against the Houston Rockets. Then he watch his Golden State Warriors sweep the Portland Trailblazers out of the Western Conference Finals.

Then the whispers began:

“Is Kevin Durant holding off his comeback?”

“Is he saving himself for free agency?”

“Does he even WANT to play?”

“Is dude soft?”

To make matters worse, he watched Klay Thompson come back early from a hamstring injury, DeMarcus Cousins from a quad injury, and Kevin Looney gutting through a shoulder injury that initially had him ruled OUT.

One could even imagine the strife Durant dealt with within his own squad. Y’all know they had to be coaxing him to come back:

“Dawg, the squad needs you. We’re down 3-1, and you know your presence would be felt, homie.”

And then last night in the second quarter happened. Torn Achilles, done for who know how long.

This is why I never, EVER begrudge the players for taking their time coming back from a serious injury. Their bodies are the money-makers, and given their short careers the players gotta get the most loot as long as they are viable.

And yes, I know about what the team doctors have a say. The problem is, those doctors are also employees of the franchise, so you have to wonder if they REALLY have the players’ best interests at heart.

Case in point: the Warriors’ medical staff apparently claimed that Durant would not injure his calf more so if he played last night. We all know the end to that story.

Again, this sucks for KD. I was hoping to see how the Toronto Raptors would fare against him in this series.

Even more so how he would look with my New York Knicks on Opening Night, 2019…

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