Ty Lue Bungling Shows How Dysfunctional the Lakers Are

Just when I thought the Los Angeles Lakers organization could look any worse, it never stops short of setting new lows. They couldn’t even get their head coaching search right!

Tyronn Lue was all but set to become the Lakers’ head coach, only for the plan to be aborted in the 11th hour yesterday. And if you examine the specifics, you’d be surprised Lue entertained the Lakers for as long as he did.

The Lakers offered him only a three year deal while other head coaches were getting five years. Monty Williams got five from the Phoenix Suns. Recently fired Luke Walton (from the Lakers, no less) got a five year deal with the Sacramento Kings.

What’s worse than that, apparently the Lakers wouldn’t allow Lue to have full autonomy over hiring his coaching staff. What head coach worth his self-esteem would accept that condition?

Now the Lakers wish list is the following: Lionel Hollins, Mike Woodson, and yes, Jason Kidd. As uninspiring as that list is, why would any of them want to coach the Lakers. Hell, is there ANYONE who would want to coach this dysfunctional bunch?

You know what I think will happen? I think the Lakers are going to make Kurt Rambis the coach. He and his wife are VERY close to owner Jeanie Buss, and she runs the team as the ultimate Mom and Pop shop.

Man if I’m LeBron James, I’m asking for a one-way ticket out of town. This shit is ridiculous.


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