Game of Thrones Power Rankings: Episode 4

After watching last night’s episode, one word came to mind: wow and goddamn (ok I lied, TWO words).

As a result, my Game of Thrones Power rankings post-episode 4 looks quite different from last week — hence the beauty of this awesome series. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Cercei Lannister

The Queen B struck, and in a big way. She knew Daenerys will be coming with a smaller army. She also knew the best way to get to Dany: capture her best friend and behead her in front of her (and Grey Worm).

Cercei is clearly in Dany’s head at this point, and she has won the first battle. Now that may change next week (word is Episode 5 is gonna be more epic that the week before)…

2. Sansa Stark

She has a whole lot of Littlefinger in her.

The way she is openly distrustful of Daenerys. The way she made Jon Snow’s lineage — that she swore to keep secret (so much for that) — to Tyrion, knowing damn well that the news will travel fast and further undermine Daenerys.

Something tells me she is not done scheming.

3. Tyrion Lannister

Sure, his attempts to sway Cercei at the end backfired (at least she didn’t kill him). But don’t forget the following:

1) he slyly planted a seed of doubt in Euron Greyjoy when he spoke of Cercei’s pregnancy in front of him. Euron has to be like, “who else would the father be?”)

2) he and Varys have something concocted and may reveal itself next week.

3) he is still the smartest character left who carries a lot of clout.

4. Arya Stark

Nothing much happened last night with her. Well, she did turn down Gentry’s marriage proposal and found out about Jon Snow’s lineage, so maybe some big life events came Arya’s way.

So now she’s on her way to King’s Landing with The Hound, probably on her way to kill Cercei. I hope revenge is worth giving up being the Lady of Storm’s End.

5. Jaime Lannister

Just when we thought he redeemed himself, he chose going back to Kong’s Landing to be with Cercei instead of staying in Winterfell with Brienne. I think he has other intentions with Cercei, namely killing her. After all, he knew that Bron was sent by her to kill him (and Tyrion).

We shall see…

6. Daenerys Targaryen

This wasn’t a good week for Daenerys.

First, she had to lay her “friend-zoned” friend Jorah Mormont to rest. Next, she saw a lot of the people in Winterfell rally around Jon more than her during their post-White Walker victory celebration. And then she watched her army get routed AND her best friend beheaded by her enemy Cercei.

She is slowly, but surely unraveling before our very eyes. Will she be going the route of her father “The Mad King”?

7. Jon Snow

When will Jon ever learn: don’t be so damn trusting! We knew that one of his sisters would not keep his lineage a secret (did he miss the memo on how much Sansa dislikes Daenerys?). Did he not know that Dany would not take the news of his lineage well in Episode 2? Hell, did he not remember what happened to him at Castle Black???

God, what an idiot…

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