Inaugural Game of Thrones Power Rankings

Welcome to my inaugural Game of Thrones power rankings!

Forgive me if I go a bit overboard, but I just love this show. In addition to “The Wire” and “Gotham”, this is my favorite show and I will be perpetually sad when the series ends three weeks from now.

After the next three episodes I will post my top seven characters each Monday. Three will be sure to change, and I know most of you will have a lot to say about it.

So without further ado, let’s go:

1) Arya Stark

I could go on about how much she has grown into a legit badass since Season 1, but all that needs to be said is this: she killed not just any White Walker, but the Night King – the m$&@*f$&@ing NIGHT KING!

2) Lady Mormont

Enter another badass. This young Lady of House Mormont has achieved this status since her first appearance in the series. And when she stood up to that zombie giant and stabbed him in his eye, I jumped out of my seat and hollered.

Too bad she died while doing so.

3) Theon Greyjoy

Sure, I was a bit sore after he turned on the Starks, but he redeemed himself after fighting off as many wights as he could. Remember Bran thanking him while chillin’ in that wheelchair of his?

Plus, you got to feel for the man after he had his johnson cut off by that crazy-ass Ramsey Bolton.

4) Brienne Tarth

I gotta give it up to the “big woman” herself. The way she took on all those wights was courageous and straight up awesome. Not bad for a person who just got knighted by…

5) Jamie Lannister

Another redemption story for us to talk about. He was the only one who came from King’s Landing after his sister/bitch of a Queen Cercei reneged on her promise to help Jon Snow and ’em. He fought admirably as well.

Think he and Brienne will be getting it on soon?

6) Daenerys Targaryen

Some of y’all may be wondering why I have her sooo low in this rankings. Yes, she fought well during the Battle for Winterfell. And yes, she fought the wights on the ground with Jorah Mormont.

But was I the only person who noticed she used Jorah as a human shield once in that scene? Hell, one thing to friend-zone dude, but it’s another thing to use him as a fucking shield!

I can’t rock with that. Sorry.

7) Jorah Mormont

Dude’s a helluva fighter, and he went out like a champ in that scene with Daenerys. But he’s the classic dude who wouldn’t give up on his crush after being friend-zoned time and time again.

And thanks to that, House Mormont is no more.

8) Jon Snow

I have a lot of love for Jon Snow, but dude is a straight up idiot.

Knocking on the door

Samwell Tarly: what the fuck was he doing besides hootin’ and hollerin’ all episode. At least go somewhere and fuck that Wildling chick and let the real dudes fight.

The Hound: I was with him until he cowered like a bitch in a corner. It took Arya shaming him to remember that he is, indeed, “The Hound”.

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