Marshawn Lynch Is Not a Hall of Famer

It hurts me to type that title. A lot.

Marshawn Lynch is going to be remembered for a lot of things. A stalwart in the Oakland community. His on-field swagger and off-field comedy. And who could forget, “I’m just here so I don’t get fined”.

And even though he began his career as a Buffalo Bill, and ended as an Oakland Raider, he will be forever will be associated with the Seattle Seahawks. But there is one thing that me and most fans will always remember Lynch for.

Beast Mode.

Lynch was the heartbeat of the Seahawks for four seasons where he helped them go to two Super Bowls, winning one. When he ran well, the defense seemingly played better.

So why do I think he is not a Hall of Famer? I just don’t think he had all the stats.

He had rushed for 10,379 yards and 84 touchdowns. Not bad, right? Just not Hall of Fame worthy to me. And if you think about it, Lynch hit it big for only four seasons.

Which has me wondering, what if Seahawks coach Pete Carroll didn’t go brain-dead at the end of the Super Bowl vs. the New England Patriots? What if he went back to Lynch for the game-winning touchdown to not only lock up a back-to-back world championship, but to win Super Bowl MVP in the process? The argument could easily be made for Lynch to be enshrined in Canton.

Either way, I’m still Team Beast Mode. Looking forward to seeing him in future Wrestlemanias with Rob Gronkowski…

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